No More Phone Tag: What Patients Want from Your Answering Service

9 Mar, 2016     nomorephonetagNew


What the patients want

  • Get the Necessary Information Fast
    • When patients are calling into an office after hours, they are prepared to get an answering service of some type.
    • What patients don’t want are:
      • Having the phone ring multiple times before being answered
      • Being put on hold just to leave a quick non-emergency message
  • Emergency or Non-Emergency Messages
    With the option to self-select from escalating the call to an emergency or leaving a message, patients are much more effective at self-selecting the right option than a live operator.

    • If the call is not urgent, the patients can quickly leave messages for the next business day
    • If the call is truly urgent, the doctor on-call will be notified within 3 seconds and can return the call quicker than ever before

How our service works

  • On-call physicians will hear emergency messages word-for-word
  • Dispatches emergency messages to a cell phone, pager, home phone, text or all the above
  • Dispatches to multiple backup numbers if no response to an emergency call
  • Automatically delivers non-urgent messages the next day, or instruct caller to call back during regular hours
  • Allow on-call physician to privately transfer live to their patient in need
  • Deliver emergency messages word-for-word by email
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