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1 Sep, 2015     admin

If you go online and look for “medical answering service reviews” you’ll find a lot of different information. In fact, some of the info can be conflicting, so what can you do? We recently visited a well-known website known for reviewing many kinds of products and services, and checked out the reviews on answering services for medical professionals. Here is what we found.


Without mentioning any names, here are the top ten answering services according to this website. The top service charges a setup fee of $49. Now at first glance this does not appear to be expensive. However, there are more charges. The cost for 150 calls or 500 minutes of service is $399.

Now remember, this was the top selection of the medical answering service reviews. One service charges $469 while another charges $540 with a $105 setup fee. So how does this stack up against No More Phone Tag services?

No More Phone Tag is a flat rate service. You pay a flat fee of $65 a month for one or two doctors. This is very simple and straightforward. Now let’s look closer at those other service’s fees.

Suppose your practice gets 20 calls a day, five days a week (a conservative estimate). This is at least 400 calls per month. If you are paying $399 for 150 calls, 400 calls would be in excess of $798. Now compare this to $65 each month and you’ll see there really is no comparison.


We tried to check the number one rated company on the medical answering service reviews, but it was not possible. When you go to check out their plans, you must put in your company information and try their demo. No More Phone Tag has no commitments or contracts, and this information is readily available at the website.

What’s The Best Way to Check out Medical Answering Service Reviews?

You can read a lot of information and it’s up to you to decide just how credible it is. The best way to find out about and answering service, is to experience it firsthand. No More Phone Tag let’s you try the services free for 14 days. You do not have to sign a contract and there’s no need to give us your credit card information. This gives you the chance to see what kind of service we have to offer, and you can evaluate the service for your communications needs.

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