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10 Mar, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

Being a landlord is not an easy thing. It may look like all fun and games and collecting rent each month and going to the bank. However, there is a great deal of hard work involved, especially when you have a lot of tenants, tenant problems, vacancies, laws, regulations and financial issues to deal with. This is why a good property management answering service can be one of your most valued assets.

Who Answers Your Phone?

Some landlords and property managers only use a simple answering machine for business and this can be woefully insufficient. In fact, if you are currently using a “dumb” property management answering service, you may have no idea how much a “smart” system like No More Phone Tag can save you in time and resources.

The Difference between Smart and Dumb Answering Services

A dumb system picks up when someone calls and plays them a message. The caller then has the option of hanging up or leaving a message on the machine. The dumb property management answering service makes no distinction between urgent and normal messages. It does not call you to let you know something very important is at hand.

A smart answering service like No More Phone Tag picks up and plays a professionally recorded message. This lets callers know they are dealing with a business professional. Here are some additional benefits you will receive:

  • Marketing assistance – when people call your number they can hear about properties available and receive a brief description of the amenities.
  • No need to forward calls to your cell phone or home. Your property management answering service is always there when you are away.
  • You won’t be bothered with trivialities on your off time – the system is “smart” and has the ability to separate urgent calls from non-urgent ones and can assign priorities. This ensures a tenant emergency will not be overlooked.
  • Contact options – how would you like to be notified? Your new property management answering service can call your home phone, cell phone, send text messages, email, or all of these options.
  • No more confusion – you can receive an email transcript of your important messages so there are no mistakes and this can prevent big problems.
  • Affordable – with No More Phone Tag you pay only $65 each month and this flat rate fee is all you pay. There are no hidden surcharges added on to your bill. You know exactly how much it is going to cost no matter how many calls you receive.
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