Top Reasons Doctors Look for a New Medical Answering Service

18 Jan, 2017     nomorephonetagNew

When patients think of medical offices, they typically think of long waits and limited appointment options. The medical industry has a bad reputation for these reasons, so medical professionals need all the help they can get to build up their rapport with patients and providing a positive experience from the moment they contact the office.

While your office may be very busy, patients still demand quick, accurate communication and assistance. This is where a medical answering service comes in.

Here are the top reasons doctors do look for a new answering service for their office:

Non-urgent patient phone calls.

Some medical answering services don’t screen or separate urgent and non-urgent issues. When your office is busy and you don’t have a lot of time, you don’t want to spend it on non-urgent matters like, scheduling and prescription refills. A new medical answering system that can prioritize and screen the urgency of calls, which can make the office run smoother and efficiently.

Long patient wait times.

Patients don’t like to wait. Doctors know this and do all they can to address each patient as soon as possible. Some phones systems don’t have messaging services or make direct contact with physicians. This can leave patients waiting long periods of time, which makes them frustrated. Just like Their current service makes mistakes about who’s on call, takes too long to contact doctor, contacts in the wrong way, etc.


The doctors may have a medical answering system that misdirects patient calls, leave patients on hold for a long time, and keep patients from getting into contact with the right personnel.

Increased cost.

Doctors who have seen increased rates in their current medical answering service, will likely look for a new one. The rates may be too much for some doctors’ offices.

A busy medical office is a sign of a successful practice. You want patients to keep coming in. Whether the patients are in the office or on the phone, they need to be treated well. In fact, each patient needs to be treated like they are #1.

It is hard to treat patients who are on the phone this way, especially when there are many patients in the office. A No More Phone Tag medical answering service can help your busy medical office be more efficient, improve customer service and create a more peaceful work environment for your employees.

If you’re medical practice is swamped right now and your current medical answering service isn’t doing as great a job as you need it to, find out how our services can help you. Sign up for a FREE 14 day trial today.

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