Things to look for while choosing a medical answering service

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Things to look for while

A quick response to an emergency call goes a long way in saving a life. Medical office gets thousands of calls each day and night, and the front office is always busy, 24 x 7, to meet up the demands.

A medical call center or more specifically, a medical answering service can extend all support and keep communication channels open between the patients and doctors, irrespective of the hours.

Not only are the answering services essential for delivering of messages to and fro, but they also help a medical practice to retain patients and bring in new referrals to their business.

Hence, if you are contemplating on employing such an answering service, it is best to evaluate on the below-mentioned qualities to get the maximum benefit.

Call answering procedures

The after-hours call can be both emergency ones, which require prompt attention of a specialist and those which can be handled at a later stage. An experienced call center professional is trained to differentiate between the two, and pass on the urgent ones to the on-call doctor, while keep the other on hold and take a message.

Hence, what you need to check is if the answering service you employ can provide this sort of identification, and do not waste time in sending an urgent message to relevant specialist. A call center should also be able to deliver the messages word-by-word, to keep the meaning intact.

Similarly, since the essentiality of a call center is to provide a 24 x 7 communication to the patients, the service provider should be able to take care of after hours, holidays, and weekends effectively.

Efficient use of technology

With the technological innovation, it is much easier to have a call forwarded to any number, through several ways. Since the doctors can be available anywhere at the time of emergency, an effective way to communicate should be to use all the modes of message deliverance. Thus, transferring messages through text messages, call-forwards or pager, can help in achieving superior accuracy.

Bilingual services

A majority of callers in the United States are Hispanic population. Although English communication is easier for them, it is not as effective when one is in panic as their native language.

Thus, a bilingual answering service can provide enormous benefits to a medical practice which serves a mixture of the crowd with linguistic and cultural differences.

Call rates

How does the call center service charge you? Price per call that they get from your patients or do they have a flat rate per month?

A price per call can work out to be much more expensive since many of these calls may not be severe or of any value. Many times, the calls may just be from an anxious patient or mother, and you may have to pay for it at the end of the month.

A flat rate, on the other hand, will be much more cost-effective, since you need not worry about limiting the calls or calculating them every month, adding on to your work further.

A medical call center is a primary necessity of a medical practice today, to ensure patient retention and new references. However, check for the factors mentioned above, before engaging a service to enjoy a productive communication channel.

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