$65 Monthly Flat Rate
100% HIPAA Compliant

Why do Doctors Choose Our Medical Answering Service?

  • Effective triaging: only the true emergencies go to the provider on call
  • Accuracy: No issues with the wrong person being notified
  • Patient focused: Quick and easy for patients to leave messages, and if it’s urgent, they hear back more swiftly from the provider on
  • Low fixed rate: Our medical answering services only cost $65 a month and will never increase due to additional fees for minutes, calls, patches, etc.
  • 100% HIPAA compliant: No need to worry about legal issues concerning patient confidentiality
  • Call patients easier: Our medical answering services make it easier to call back patients. There is also no need to block caller ID
  • Multiple languages available: Bi-lingual and even tri-lingual service setups available.
  • Support of a reliable company: No More Phone Tag triages over 4 million medical calls per year
  • Great Customer Service

How Our Medical Answering Services Work

The medical answering service answers every call on the first ring, so nobody is ever put on hold, and then it separates non-urgent calls from the truly urgent ones.

If the message is urgent, we’ll ensure that the on-call physician is notified within a few seconds. If the doctor on call is not responding to the first delivery attempt, the escalation process guarantees that the patient will get a call back in the shortest possible time. And, the practitioner on-call can call back the patient through our service eliminating the need for blocking the caller ID.

We’re happy to customize the service to exactly fit your needs including bi-lingual answering, challenging on call schedules, and so much more.

100% HIPAA compliant

Our medical answering service will help you streamline the operations of your medical office by making sure every patient will get timely responses. Not only will we help to make sure that the patient gets in contact with his or her physician, but we will also help to keep your costs low and make your time be more efficient. More and more physicians are switching to our answering services for their medical offices. Once you give it a try, you’ll wonder why you had not done it sooner.

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What our customers are saying

  • – Michael Heys – Central Ohio Counseling

    "We have, with great frustration, tried several different ways to manage our inbound calls over the last couple of years. Now, with No More Phone Tag, we finally have a service that works great for us AND at a price that fits our budget. Our patient satisfaction level and productivity have improved dramatically. Thank you!"
  • – Angie Doles, Practice Manager WomanKind Obstetrics & Gynecology

    "Since we switched to No More Phone Tag, we really don't have to worry about after hours calls any more. I love how you are glad to adapt your service to fit exactly to our needs, and I really like how responsive and friendly you are whenever we need help. I would recommend No More Phone Tag to any physician's office."
  • … Nancy May – Broyles, May & Coyle Family Practice

    We switched to No More Phone Tag in January, 2010 and we are very happy with your service. In addition to dramatically cutting our cost, your service saves the doctors’ time when they have urgent calls from patients. We really like your prompt, friendly and professional customer service.”