How a Medical Call Center Can Save Your Practice Money

10 Feb, 2017     nomorephonetagNew
How a Medical Call Center Can Save Your Practice Money

Medical Centers, like all inbound call centers, work on the basis of being able to provide excellent customer service while saving clients’ money. Medical Centers can provide a wide range of services from automated answering services that give a brief greeting, some information about the medical office, and offer options for leaving messages to operator services that can pick up when your in-house receptionist is busy or during times when your office is closed.

Technological Savings

With high call volume comes, the need for several technological support systems is a must have. These systems include multiple phone lines, voicemail services, caller identification, call waiting, multi-line phone systems, and computer software. While most of these services add to your monthly bill through your phone service provider, call centers can provide any phone service you require with more options.

Having technical call center services provided through one company provides you with all of the necessary equipment saving you the burden of having to acquire new software, extra monthly features and new equipment. Medical Call centers also have the ability to split their operating costs among their customers, which results in fewer fees for your company.

Personnel and Training

If you are contemplating handling an influx of calls in-house remember, not only do you have equipment and software to purchase but you’ll also have to pay to train current personnel or hire and train new personnel to operate the phone lines. With new personnel comes the need for space, wages, possibly even benefits. Healthcare call centers have employees who are trained to use the necessary call service equipment and computer programs allowing them to interact in real time with your office by using features such as online calendars allowing them to schedule appointments without overbooking, and who are trained in HIPA law ensuring that your patients’ information remains confidential.

Outsourcing inbound calls to a medical call centers can not only save you space, time, and money, it can also provide better customer service to your patients’ with receptionists who can take the time to listen to patients’ needs without having to worry about having to split their attention between the phone call and patients who are in the office.

Facility Operations Costs

A myriad of factors go in to running an office: having space for all of your workers, security concerns, utilities, and more. The more hours of operation you run and the larger number of employees, the more costs go up. By outsourcing to a call center you can have inbound calls directed to the call service operator so calls can be answered 24/7 if needed.

It also allows doctors to receive emergency messages from patients via phone calls or text messages from the operator. If the callers’ needs are not in the category of an emergency, the operator can give information about the medical office and direct the caller to hours of operation. With 24 hour call center services you save on operating costs while providing constant availability to your patients, which in many medical professions is a priceless service as it can save lives and provide patients with greater confidence in their doctor.

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