Top Healthcare Answering Service

In the health care industry it is important to have the capability to handle calls around the clock. Without staff availability 24/7 it is impossible to manage calls after hours, during lunch, and on weekends. Our healthcare answering services provide professional systems at a price that works with your budget.

Consistent and Professional

Issues and errors arise with many medical answering services. Our employees are professional, consistent, and treat patients with respect. Over 90% of medical facilities that use our free trial continue to use our annual services.

Save With Flat Rate Answering Service

Unlike other healthcare answering services we offer our customers low monthly flat rates. Our rate is $65 regardless of the number of calls you receive per month. This money saving alternative takes the guesswork out of monthly bills and easily allows the cost to be factored in your operating budget.

The Quality Difference

Our health care answering service answers every single call on the very first ring. We separate urgent from non-urgent calls while remaining 100% compliant with HIPAA regulations. We make sure physicians are notified immediately so that they may call patients back.
We utilize your current phone system to create a service that works for your facility. We also give clients the opportunity to port in their phone and fax number, completely eliminating the need for a phone system. Our unique solution includes:

  • Voice messaging for call overflow
  • Receptionist ability to transfer calls to cell phones
  • Auto attendants
  • Disaster recovery systems
  • Transfer of high priority calls
  • Transcriptions of voicemail
  • Web reports
  • Call forwarding

Why Customers Choose No More Phone Tag

Our customers choose us because we offer friendly customer care, from experienced support staff. Our flat rate answering services ensures that you don’t encounter hidden fees and know what to expect from month to month. Answering services are completely customizable to the needs of your office or facility, including the ability to adapt to any schedule and the option to escalate the call process based off of urgency. Call us today toll free at (866) 366-6868 to begin using our health care answering service.