No More Phone Tag vs. typical answering service – Myths and Facts:

Myth #1:
We need someone to answer live and access the situation. If not, patients will always press “emergency call” and the doctor will just be the “answering service”.

Fact: No More Phone Tag’s automated answering service does a better job at getting ONLY the true emergencies to the doctor while screening out all non-urgent issues.

Testimony about myth #1:
We use to have a traditional answering service, and no matter how much we explained to them the importance of only paging the doctor on call with truly urgent issues, the service often paged our doctors for non-urgent issues, and it was a huge frustration. When we first switched to No More Phone Tag, we were unsure if they would be able to do a better job at “triaging” patient calls, but we wanted to give it a try. The result was fantastic! Now, our doctors know that every call they receive is truly important, and our patients appreciate how quickly the doctors get back to them. The switch to No More Phone Tag was a great decision.

Angie Doles, Practice Manager, WomanKind Obstetrics & Gynecology

Myth #2: Patients want to talk to a person when they call after hours, so we need a “live” service.

Fact: Patients want to talk to their doctor as soon as possible. They have absolutely no interest in spending time with call center staff that is not medically trained. With No More Phone Tag, the patients spend less time with the service, the doctor is notified more quickly (instantaneously), and the doctor gets first hand (in contrast to filtered) information. In addition, with our patch through service, it’s quicker and easier for the doctor to call back (no need to block caller ID).

Testimony about myth #2:
When I switched to No More Phone Tag, I was mainly frustrated with the outrageous cost of my old service. I thought that an automated service would not be as patient friendly, but I wanted to see if it would still work. Well, was I surprised? It turns out that my patients like No More Phone Tag better than my old “live” service. Why? Because it’s quicker, they know that I get the complete message, and I’m able to get back to them quicker. When my patients call me after hours with an urgent medical issue, they want to talk to the doctor, not to some call center person that has no medical expertise.

Dr. Clifton Hood, Central Ohio Ear, Nose and Throat

Myth #3: New patients are very important for our practice, and I think callers hang up on automated answering services. With a “live service”, we will never miss any calls.

Fact: Patients and medical professionals want to be able to leave a message as quick and as easy as possible. The hassles and delays while dealing with a call center employee can often be very frustrating.

Testimony about myth #3:
With our old service, we usually only received 2-3 non-urgent messages per weekend. In contrast, during the first weekend with No More Phone Tag, we received nearly 20 non-urgent messages. These messages were from new patients wanting to schedule appointments, which are very important for our practice, and current patients with questions and rescheduling requests. Not only is No More Phone Tag quicker and 100% accurate with urgent calls for the doctor, I also feel that it actually generates revenue, by encouraging patients to leave messages for scheduling, that may have been lost in the past.

Daisy McConnell, the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery

Commonly asked questions:

Our current answering service is sometimes less than prompt at answering, and they frequently put patients on hold. How is No More Phone Tag different?

• At No More Phone Tag, we answer very call right away on the first ring, and we simply don’t put callers on hold.

My service sometimes calls or texts me about non-urgent issues, and they even call me in the middle of the night when I’m not the provider on call. Can you make sure you will be different?

• Yes. With No More Phone Tag, the providers on call are only contacted about truly urgent messages exactly per your instructions. Patients and other callers may also leave non-urgent messages such as appointments, billing, prescription refills, etc. for your staff to receive during normal business hours. With our advanced technology, we always keep track of who’s on call, so no frustrating middle of the night calls for you, and we can notify with text, email, phone call, pager, or even all combined.

The staff at our current service often makes transcription mistakes, and they even sometimes get the patent’s phone numbers incorrect. Can this happen with No More Phone Tag?

• No. We record each patient’s message and deliver it unfiltered to the provider on call. This ensures that the doctor get clear first hand information to eliminate any miscommunication. Then, the doctor can call the patients back through our service eliminating the need for blocking his/her caller ID (the call will show your office number).

When patients reach my service, I cannot be sure about how professional, courteous, and consistent the operators will be. Do you have a solution for that?

• Yes. Instead of leaving it up to the mixed quality and mood swings of the call center operators, we’ll create and record custom greetings to exactly reflect your practice and respond to your patients’ needs. As a result, every caller will always be answered in the same professional, courteous, and consistent manner. No more worries.

We are four providers at our practice. We usually take our own patient calls during the week, while only one of us is on call on the weekend. Then, we cover each other when we’re on vacation, etc. Can you accommodate on-call schedules that may be somewhat complex?

• Yes! No More Phone Tag will design the service around your needs instead of a “cookie cutter” service for you to have to work around.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

• Yes, we are 100% HIPAA compliant, and we take privacy and confidentiality very seriously.

I’m a solo practitioner and I share on-call with a few other doctors. Will they also have to have No More Phone Tag, or can they keep their current services?

• No. Your colleges can stay with their current services. When you’re not on call, we’ll inform your patients about who is covering for you, and then we transfer them to that doctor’s answering service.

Will I need to change my mobile or pager number when I switch to No More Phone Tag?

• No. We can work with all mobile phones, pagers, etc.

During the day, I may be in surgery, so I only want notification by text. However, after hours, I like to be called on my mobile and also on my home phone. Can you make both those scenarios possible?

• Yes. You can change your notifications “on they fly” with our mobile friendly web access, and we can also program in any of those scenarios, so we have different escalation processes depending on the day and the time.

I’m currently required to have a pager for my service to reach me, so I always have both my pager and my mobile phone with me. Can you set me up so that I only need my mobile?

• Yes. No More Phone Tag works with all mobile phones and pagers, so it doesn’t matter for us if you prefer to only use your cell phone. Most doctors prefer to use only their mobile phone, and we usually start with texting them once or twice, and then we escalate to calling them, etc. However, you need to make sure that your device (i.e. mobile phone) has reception where you are. In addition, we can of course add multiple escalation devices (home phone, email, summer house, pager, etc.). We’ll store your messages securely, so you can access them anywhere from any phone.

I don’t want my patients to have my cell number, so I block the outbound caller ID on my cell phone. However, lots of people don’t answer blocked calls, so it’s really inefficient. Do you have a solution for that?

• Yes. You’ll call your patients back through our service, and we’ll show the caller ID of your office. In addition, we capture the caller ID on each message, so calling your patients back is a simple press of a button. No need to write down any phone numbers.

I’m on call for a few hospitals. Most of the consults are urgent, but some can wait until the morning. Can you help with that?

• Yes. Your “Practice Specific” No More Phone Tag service can be setup to notify you right away for urgent consults, while holding your non-urgent consults overnight and deliver them to you first thing in the morning.

How do you know if I have received a message or not?

• We’ll continue to escalate the urgent message dispatching (multiple text, pagers, mobile phones, home phones, back up doctor, etc.) until you have logged in to receive the message (by entering your pass code or by calling the service from your mobile phone). Our escalation process ensures that you will never miss an important message.

How can I be sure No More Phone Tag, a completely automated medical answering service, will work better than my current traditional answering service where the calls are handled by live operators?

• Nothing is ever for sure, but more than 9 out of 10 doctors that try out No More Phone Tag come on board, and then they stay with us until they retire. The reason is that the whole concept of the traditional answering services is flawed. The operators are under paid and over worked, they are not medically trained, it’s illegal for them to give any medical advice, and they are really just a frustration for both doctors and patients. No More Phone Tag’s answering service, in contrast, is specifically designed to do all the things needed when a medical office cannot answer their phones (lunch, after hours, office meeting, or just too busy). We always have the right info about who’s on call, and we never put patients on hold. Doctors like us because we’re always 100% accurate and they only get notified when it’s truly urgent. Patients love how quick and easy it’s to leave messages, and that their doctor calls them back quicker than ever before.

What are your rate plans?

• Very simple. We’re a flat rate provider and our $65 per month completely flat rate service covers a practice with up to two providers. For practices with more than two providers, the setup can sometimes be quite complex, so we need to know more before providing a quote. Our $65 flat rate service covers most things a doctor’s office needs and includes all services describe earlier on this page.

Do we need to sign a contract?

• No. Since we were founded in 1991, not a single customer has been asked to sign a contract.

Do I need some special equipment or software?

• Nope. We’ll take care of everything.

Is there a catch?

• None. We’re simply a high tech medical answering service that believes in old fashion customer service, and we are truly experts in how to answer and triage medical calls.

Will this work for other similar professions (chiropractors, vets, etc))?

• Yes. No More Phone Tag works well for those fields too.

For more information about our medical answering service or our property management answering service contact us today or call us at 614-895-2820 / 866-366-6868 (toll-free)