Full Time Worker

Doctors have two options for managing their patients’ phone calls: a full time receptionist, or a medical answering service. Thanks to the power of networking, we can have call representatives working for us from a remote location, making it much easier for doctors to manage their budget and focus on their own line of work. … Continue reading Why Consider A Medical Answering Service Over A Full Time Worker

HIPAA Basics, and Why They Matter

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HIPAA Basics

The health information portability and accountability Act of 1996 was established in order to protect the privacy of people within the healthcare field. This is the way that the information for patients is transferred from Doctor to doctor, and handled in a way that is both professional and confidential. Patient confidentiality is incredibly important in … Continue reading HIPAA Basics, and Why They Matter

appointment bookings

Scheduling appointments are not most healthcare providers’ best strengths; they continue to struggle with keeping up to date on existing appointments as well as booking new ones. Hospitals, clinics, and offices will still have appointment reminders sent one at a time, leaving their secretary, receptionist, or other front desk personnel to have to call each … Continue reading How you can outsource appointment bookings to an answering service

The benefits of Online chat support from an answering service

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answering service

Many business owners are only beginning to reap the benefits on online chat. From online stores, to home improvement companies, even to law firms and travel agencies, online chat support is on the rise to be a standard for businesses in any industry. We have come a long way from the birth of instant messaging. … Continue reading The benefits of Online chat support from an answering service

When Specialists Benefit from An Answering Service

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Answering Machine

Part of what’s made our Healthcare Industries increasingly customer friendly are a myriad of different products that play host to customer service. There are now many different ways to contact your doctors and Healthcare Providers. This includes things like billing departments that have online access, as well as doctor’s offices that allow you to make … Continue reading When Specialists Benefit from An Answering Service