Benefits of a Medical Answering Service During the Holidays

5 Dec, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

The holidays are something that bring excitement to many people. Spending time with family, eating big meals, opening presents. While that is all fine and well, the holidays are often marked by busyness and stress. Between shopping, parties and vacations, holiday events quickly fill the calendar.

The holidays can be a difficult time for businesses as employees take time off and hours are shortened and changed. Medical offices can especially feel the chaos during the holidays. Besides being short-staffed, and having alternate hours, the winter months bring an influx of colds, flus, and accidents.

As a medical office, a medical answering service can greatly alleviate some of the holiday stress. Here are some ways an automated answering service can help your office:

1. Frees up time. Calling to remind patients of an upcoming appointment or following up with a patient after an office visit is a time-consuming task. These mundane duties take away precious time. An answering service can handle these routine, time-consuming, mundane task so your receptionist and staff can focus on more important in-office tasks.

2. Work around shortened schedules. Anyone working in a medical office knows that patient health needs don’t go away when your office is closed. During the holidays, when your office has shortened hours, chances are there will be patients who need help after business hours. A medical answering machine can let your patients leave messages with the right personnel have assurance that they can get their concerns heard even when the offices are closed.

3. Won’t overwhelm receptionists. During the holidays, it is likely that the volume of calls can easily overwhelm your receptionist or small customer service team. Instead of contracting out a call center for overflow inbound calls, a medical answering machine can take calls when your staff is currently busy on other calls.

4. Rescheduling help. During the holidays, schedules get busy fast. Patients may schedule appointments on the wrong day and will need rescheduling. A medical office answering service can help facilitate patient rescheduling.

5. Connect. During the holidays, the doctors at your medical office will likely take time off. A medical answering service can connect patients and doctors even when the doctors are not in the office.

6. Enhance customer service. Your receptionist and customer service employees aren’t only dealing with the stress of the season, but they are also pressured from the influx of phone calls. It is impossible to pay attention to the patient right in front of you when you’re constantly taking phone calls. A medical answering service can help take phone calls so your staff can meet the needs of the patients in the office.

7. Allow staff to keep workflow going. A medical answering service can step in like an additional customer service representative so you don’t have to pull and train other personnel to take calls when shorthanded. Even if the receptionist is out, a medical answering service can help take some of the calls, reducing the stress, anxiety and pressure of the employee filling-in.

A medical answering service can be a lifesaver for one of the most hectic and busiest times of the year. It will keep your office running smoothly and efficiently while allowing patients both in-office and on the phone, feel important and have their needs met.

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