4 Errors Office Managers Make In Choosing Doctors Telephone Answering Services

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Sales reps and cold calls into doctors offices, medical practices and medical care facilities are a part of life that office managers learn to handle very quickly. However, there can be very persuasive sales messages that may entice an unsuspecting office manager to choose doctors telephone answering services that really don’t offer the services you need.

At No More Phone Tag, we don’t use any high-pressure sales; we believe that our product and the testimony of the doctors, clinical managers and facilities across the United States that use our services will do our talking for us. However, we do offer a full 14-day free trial, allowing you to try out the system for yourself.

Before agreeing to any doctors telephone answering services, we would like to provide you with four different areas of potential problems with a live operator or low quality automated systems.

Not Understanding the Terms and Pricing

Terms and pricing can be complicated with medical answering services. Many companies operate on a specific rate per incoming and outgoing calls, with additional fees if volumes should exceed that contract amount.

These types of costs make it very difficult to budget, and also difficult to predict the level of service you need. We offer a simple flat rate service, with no restriction on incoming or outgoing calls, without any change in price or terms.

Assuming a Contract is Best

While a contract does guarantee the provider will continue to provide service, it really does very little to protect you as the client. Instead of having our clients sign on to yearly or multiple year contracts, we offer our service without any need to bind our customers to our doctors telephone answering services.

With over 9 out of 10 doctors that try our service staying with us until they retire or close their offices, we know our service and our features will keep our doctor’s coming back month after month.

Choosing Outdated Services

With new technology and security, there is really no reason why some systems refuse to place calls to on-call physicians using cell phones. Additionally, with secure email and texting options we offer our customers the option to get messages in ways that are fully HIPPA compliant but that work for their needs, without the limitations imposed by some services.

Also, and this one bears keeping in mind as a key factor, don’t be drawn into the myth that patients want to talk to a live person. They want to leave a confidential message for their doctor and know they will receive a call back in minutes, something our system can provide without question or compromise.

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