Your Medical Telephone Answering Service: Personal Care At Its Best!

30 Jan, 2017     nomorephonetagNew
Personal Care At Its Best

With the incredible speed at which modern business takes place, many companies have forgotten about the one thing that keeps loyal customers coming back: personal care. Even something as simple as having a real person pick up the phone when you place a call can go a long way in giving customers the impression that you care about them as individuals. A pleasant tone of voice which invites them to share their concerns makes a world of difference.

Nowhere is this truer than in the medical field, where customers are also patients’people who are dealing with stressful health issues.

An individual who is calling a doctor’s office may be dealing with anything from a mental crisis to a physical injury or another emergency. Additionally, many elderly people must regularly use medical services, and these individuals feel far more comfortable when they have a live person to speak to.

Voicemail or an answering machine tells your patients that you are too busy to talk to them. Even if you are busy, you do not want anyone to feel that their call is not a priority. No machine can respond to the individual needs of each patient who calls your office like a well-trained, live person.

Obviously, a telephone answering service medical costs more than a voice mail service; but thanks to advances in technology, it is much more affordable than ever before. Rather than hiring call center operators by the hour or hiring them full time; modern call centers allow you to pay only for the actual time that the operator spends with your patients. This is by far the most cost-effective way to maintain customer service.

Another benefit to modern medical telephone answering service is that these companies specialize in handling medical clients. That means that they have training in handling clients who may be suffering from pain or who are under duress. These call center employees also receive HIPAA training and understand the nuances of doctor-patient confidentiality. They can determine if a patient needs immediate assistance, or they can screen calls and direct the patient to the proper nurse or administrator to handle their specific concerns.

No doctor’s office should be without a medical telephone answering service. The personal attention, genuine concern and professional discretion that a live, trained operator can provide are worth any investment. In the long run, patients who feel cared for will be more likely to refer friends and family to your practice. Your practice will build a reputation for authentic, dependable service’ something that is rare today even in the medical industry. You can stand out in the crowd, gain a loyal following, and provide the very best care for you patients when you choose to use a medical telephone answering service.

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