Your Med Answering Service May be Draining Your Resources

15 Jun, 2015     admin

If you run a healthcare business, you must have some kind of med answering service. This is especially important for doctor’s offices. However, these vital services may be costing you far too much. Here are some of the ways an answering system can drain your business resources.

Monthly Fees

It is not uncommon to pay considerable monthly fees for a med answering service. However, this is not necessary. For example, if you are paying a company based on volume, you are probably paying too much. In other words, if they charge by the phone call, it can get way too expensive. Consider checking out a flat rate service like No More Phone Tag. These services have several benefits:

  • Affordability – No More Phone Tag monthly fees are only $65.
  • You receive a consistent bill each month. It will not fluctuate or suddenly increase.
  • No hidden charges – The price quoted for your service is all you pay. All the extras come at no additional cost.
  • Easy to budget cost each month – it’s always the same amount.

Too Many Services

Maybe your med answering service has features you do not use or require? Why pay for services you are not using? For instance, do you really need live operators to answer the phone 24 hours a day and 7 days a week?

Not Enough Options

Do you have all of the features you need in an answering service? Perhaps you would like to have more options for your notifications. A service like No More Phone Tag provides several options. It can notify you by email, text message, or telephone.

The Wrong Kind of Services

Live operators may seem like a good idea, but what if they are not fluent in English? Plus, an operator who is not a medical professional might make your patients feel uncomfortable discussing confidential matters.

Not Enough Services

You can save money with an automated virtual answering system. However, some are bare bones services and not much better than going to your local department store and buying an answering machine. Before you sign up, check out all the available services you can receive.

Patient Frustration

It’s not good business to frustrate or enrage patients. People have many healthcare choices these days and they can always go somewhere else for services. Plus, a frustrated patient may provide bad “word of mouth” references and this can hurt you in ways you are not aware of. It’s best to have an efficient, affordable, and trusted med answering service like No More Phone Tag. You can try it for two full weeks free of charge.

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