Why Should You Prefer Secure Interactive Messaging For Answering Service?

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Without their knowing, many healthcare professionals inadvertently violate the HIPAA regulations. This situation may arise if you are transferring the vital patient information through unsecured mobile messaging and email. Using alpha pager or non-secure text messaging can make you liable for HIPAA penalty. However, you can avert this shortcoming simply by hiring a trusted HIPAA Compliant answering service provider and using a secure interactive messaging system.

What is Secure Messaging?

It is a sophisticated system that allows transmission of vital data through secured means. It allows easy check-in to the authorized persons. The data passed through this system is encrypted and it can’t be intercepted at any stage.

Why Prefer Secure Messaging System?

You must prefer using secure messaging to protect the Patient Health Information or PHI while storing or transferring it from one user to another. This is an advanced system that ensures a complete confidentiality and security of patient’s personal information along with:

Data Security:

The messages transmitted through a secured network server are never shared with a third party. Hence, they are completely safe from any kind of infringement. The recipient physician can also send a reply through this encrypted messaging system.

Proper Escalation Process:

The secure system of sending and receive messages has multiple advantages. It facilitates a streamlined escalation process by displaying the High Priority messages on top of the list. It also allows the users to organize the messages according to their preferred categories.

Secured Notifications:

The messages sent through a secured system are further secured with ‘message read’ and ‘message delivery’ notifications. These notifications verify that the message is received by the recipient and opened to be read.

Sending Messages on Mobile Devices:

Using this system, the urgent messages can be sent to a mobile device preferred by the recipient. The message is delivered in an encrypted format and can include even a large amount of data including images and videos. An unlimited number of characters can be used for sending these messages.

Site is Password-Protected:

The secure messaging system and sites are protected by a password and user name. This information is passed only to the authorized users and hence, the chances of breach are minimized.

The secure interactive messaging system can work on any network. Due to its storage features, it allows reporting and auditing features as well. So, always hire HIPAA compliant answering service working with a secured system to ensure complete protection of patient data and avoid heavy penalties.

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