Why Medical Answering Services Are a Must-Have for Medical Professionals

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Medical Professionals

In this digital age, the medical profession looks at an answering service that uses modern technology to provide unmatched reliability.

As one doctor put it, “Redundancy is essential in case of natural disasters.”

Means an answering service for medical professionals or otherwise, must ensure uninterrupted service by providing adequate backups for maintaining power during outages.

Answering services have regularly known for receiving calls only after hours medical answering service has improved with the times to now also be accessible during peak business hours when the head nurse overcome. Since no one likes receiving a busy signal or put on hold with a message stating, “Your call is vital to us; your estimated wait time is 20 minutes, answering services are essential to provide excellent client service. While one in-house receptionist is fielding a call, a medical answering service can instantly pick up any extra calls effortlessly, so there are no lost clients.

Effective after-hours assistance depends on three factors.

  • Having competent and skilled people answering the calls
  • Use of technology that will answer doctors’ needs and find customized solutions to their particular practice
  • Having the expertise to contain costs

Let us discuss each of these three factors one by one.

The staff manning the answering service

The staff must have a customer service philosophy specifically geared to the medical profession.Unlike employees of any other answering service, medical answering service staff must do much more than answer phones. A call can be a matter of life and death. Timely and appropriate intervention from a medical specialist can save a life.

Therefore the staff must know what information to collect from the callers. While doing so, the call office must be HIPAA compliant. HIPAA stands for Healthiness Information Portability and Accountability Act enacted by US Congress in 1996.

All medical answering services are covered entities under HIPAA. As such, the employees of an answering service for doctors must understand and implement health information privacy rules stipulated by the government.

The right technology

The demands on the medical industry are enormous, to say the least. They have some of the busiest offices you can imagine. It is natural. Therefore, that healthcare providers will look for a service that cannot only answer hundreds of calls but also identify doctors’ evolving needs as their practice grows. A reliable system needs adequate backups – the only way to ensure uninterrupted service in case of outages.

Additionally, the service must have state-of-the-art technology to tailor each account to the doctors’ needs. The telecommunications technology must be the best in business to provide high call quality and functionality.


As goes for all businesses, the medical profession is also under pressure to contain costs. Like any cost-effective answering service, medical call centers can save a lot of money for healthcare professionals. However, it is essential that doctors must discuss with the answering service to contain costs by thrashing out all issues related to pricing.

For a small medical clinic that is inadequate in staff and funds, employing a medical answering service is a need. It is an informal way to gain an advantage over the competition.

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