100% Flat Fee Answering Services for Medical Professionals
$65 Monthly Flat Rate
100% HIPAA Compliant
Do you remember the “bad old days”? When phone companies charged for every local (!) call you made. This was before free long distance, and back when you wouldn’t give out your cell phone number due to the per minute charges… Strangely enough, that mentality is still true in the answering service industry.

When I started No More Phone Tag over 20 years ago, every single answering service was charging per call, per minute, per patch, per page, and per “everything” fees. I thought this was totally crazy. Just think about it, we as an answering service handle more than 600,000 calls per month. Shouldn’t we be able to predict how much usage will be and then charge a flat fee? It was clear to me from day one that instead of putting our customers in the position of having to predict their bills, we should do it for them. As a result, from the first day we opened our doors on September 1, 1991, all our customers are on our 100% flat fee answering service.

What Is A Flat Rate Answering Service?

There was a point in time where telephone companies would charge for every single phone call that was made, whether it was local or long distance. Many companies within the answering service industry still have the mentality of charging per call, per minute, with many hidden fees. We didn’t want our customers to be in a position where they had to guess how much their monthly bill would be, so we came up with a flat rate answering service. We provide our answering services for a flat rate of $65, regardless of call volume.

Don’t Lose an Important Call

We want customers who are calling your company to have a high quality experience. We guarantee that you will never lose an important call. We have the capability to use all of your existing equipment in conjunction with our flat rate phone answering service. We can also port in your phone and fax to completely eliminate the need for a phone system. We provide answering services for many professional industries including medical facilities and property management companies.

What to Expect With Flat Rate Telephone Answering Service

Patients and other callers will be greeted professionally and consistently. We’ll triage the calls exactly per your instructions. A typical process would be something like:

  • If it’s a true emergency, the patients will be asked to call 911 or go the nearest emergency room.
  • If it’s non-urgent, the callers may leave a message for the front desk, or can be asked to call back the next day.
  • If it’s truly urgent (per your definitions), the caller will asked to leave a message and they will be ensured that the doctor will get back to them shortly.
  • If the caller leaves an urgent message, we’ll contact the medical provider on call.

A typical escalation process may look something like this:

1. Text the on-call doctor right away. If no response, send another text 5 minutes later.

2. If no response after 10 minutes, call the on-call doctor twice (10 and 20 minutes).

3. If still no response, we’ll continue to escalate to home phones, etc.

When the provider on call receives an urgent message, he/she can call back the patient without needing to block the caller ID. It will instead show the caller ID of your office.

To make sure the front desk is aware of any afterhour’s issue, we frequently email copies of urgent messages to the office.

Our customized flat rate services are completely adaptable to any scheduling needs, whether it is night, weekends, or any other time; we can handle a hectic schedule. If you are out of the office or you are busy, you don’t need to forward your phone line, we will automatically pick up. Call us today at 800-929-1202 for more information about our flat rate answering service.