Why Does a Standard Medical Answering Service Cost So Much?

30 Sep, 2015     admin

No one wants to open their answering service bill and receive a big surprise. In most cases, this surprise comes in the form an extremely high monthly bill. Have you ever wondered why the average medical answering service cost is so high? Here are just some of the reasons why you might be paying a lot more than you need to.

Live Services

Some medical professionals feel they still need someone there to answer the phone all the time. Services like these can drastically affect your medical answering service cost. For instance, people answering the phone must be paid at least minimum wages. In some states, this is as much as $9.00 per hour in 2015. Suppose you pay someone minimum wage to take care of phone calls for 16 hours a day (while the office is closed). This comes to $144 each day and in a month’s time it adds up to a staggering $4,320. Live services can be outsourced to other countries, but then you might open up a “Pandora’s Box” of errors due to language difficulties.

Hidden Charges

Medical answering service cost can quickly get out of hand when there are hidden charges in your bill. For example, you may not be aware (when you sign up) you need to pay for expensive equipment in order to receive the service. In addition, there may be a hefty installation fee and they might add a maintenance fee to your monthly charges. Naturally, this is not advertised in the low price.

Lost Income Opportunities

It’s very hard to estimate, just how much your medical answering service cost can be affected when you have an inefficient system. For example, during the evening, several prospective patients may call your practice inquiring about making an initial appointment. However, because it is not an emergency, callers may be told to call back and may not be treated with respect. As a result, these people may never call back and there is no way to measure just how devastating it can be to a medical practice.

An inefficient medical answering service can sometimes cause you to lose patients. For example, a patient calls to refill a prescription and the person in the office never checks the messages, or perhaps the message is somehow erased. Little things like this can add up and eventually patients may choose to take their business elsewhere. Plus, the sad thing about this kind of loss, is the patient may never let you know why he or she is leaving.

An automated and efficient service like No More Phone Tag can save you a lot of money with monthly flat rate fees. In addition, all calls are handled in the same efficient manner. Physicians are assured of getting their messages and will be notified quickly whenever an emergency message comes in. It cost nothing to take advantage of our free 14 day trial.

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