Why do you need an answering service for your healthcare facility?

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It is not humanly possible for a doctor or the clinic to be available 24 x 7, all day, including holidays and weekends. However, when you are involved in the care of the elders or critically ill patients, sometimes, it requires you to manage schedules and calls efficiently. The physician answering service is the best way to ensure you do not miss any calls made by the patients in need.

What to expect from an answering service?

The Medical call center service offers HIPAA approved executives to attend the calls from the patients. What this entitles is that whenever a patient makes an emergency call or a call for an appointment, the message is delivered to the call center. The live-anchor decides by priority, whether the call is to be transferred to the concerned or the message needs to be noted down to be handled at a later date.

The call forwarding is customized. The health care unit has to organize with the provider as to the ways and means in which the calls need to be transferred. With the advance in technology, there are several ways in which the notifications to the doctor can be passed. One can forward calls to the home number, send a pager notification or emails, depending on the preference of the client.

Hence, what the call center does is what your reception at the health care can do, yet, at a much larger pace and more efficiently. Since the staffs at the clinic are hard pressed to attend to thousand other matters in hand, outsourcing this work will bring relief and order to patient management and emergency response.

How can it benefit a health care unit?

As specified before, it can reduce your staffing problems considerably. Another essential advantage of engaging a call center is that you are giving a 24 x 7 service to the patients, thereby earning their trust and good will.

This will mean more patients inflow and referrals.

Doctors can relax on weekends, with an assurance that any emergency call will be diverted to them by any means they prefer.

How much does a Physician answering service cost?

The rate of such a physician answering service depends on the service provider.

They may give a flat rate per month or offer packages with some service thrown into the bargain. Approach the best provider in your area, and take a free trial, before hiring them to take up your most important calls.

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