Why Choose No More Phone Tag Answering Services For Medical Offices?

25 Sep, 2015     admin

Health care practices today can be expensive to run, especially when it comes to answering services for medical offices. As the cost of health care continues to escalate, it is driving up the prices of all kinds of medical services and physicians are forced to pass this increased cost on to their patients. Many insurers are paying for fewer services and demanding higher co payments and larger deductibles. This makes it harder and harder to conduct a business and this is only one reason to look for a cost effective answering service like No More Phone Tag.

Flat Rate Fees

No More Phone Tag answering services for medical offices charges flat rate fees. For instance, we do not charge you by the hour or by the phone call, and this is good for several reasons:

  • Hourly services can be expensive, especially if you need around the clock answering service.
  • By the call service can cost you a great deal – during the course of a day, your office may take in and transfer hundreds of calls. Plus, after hours, you might have many calls, some are important and others can wait until the next day.
  • Hourly and “per call” answering services for medical offices can be very difficult to budget for. For example, there is no way to foretell the future and know how many calls you are going to receive during a given billing period.

The Benefits of Flat Rate Service from No More Phone Tag

With flat rate services you know what the charges will be from one month to the next. You get no more “surprise” bills. In addition, some companies may have extensive charges for installation and so called “surcharges”. These hidden charges can add up significantly and end up putting you over budget in a hurry. You won’t have to deal with any hidden fees or charges with No More Phone Tag. Everything is out in the open and easy to understand.

Accuracy and Consistency

When you select No More Phone Tag answering services for medical offices, you remove the “human factor” from the equation. In other words, most errors in business are made by people. Our state of the art system always works the same way each and every time. Important calls are separated from non-emergency calls and the right medical professional is always notified. In fact, there are several ways physicians can choose to be notified.

Free Trial

Our “no obligation” 14 day free trial, makes No More Phone Tag a “no brainer of a choice. Check us out today and see for yourself.

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