Why Automated Medical Answering Services Are Gaining in Popularity

4 Sep, 2015     admin

Are you completely satisfied with your medical answering services? Do you always get your messages and are the important ones prioritized? How about the cost? Do you think you are paying far too much? Maybe the problem is not your system but the people who operate it. In fact, you may be much better off with a totally automated system, and here is why.

Human or Automated?

There are some common misconceptions about automated medical answering services, and many people feel they are cold and impersonal. However, this is not the case. In fact, an efficient system helps the patient get the best services and the doctor becomes more efficient in the process. Here are some examples:

  • People can make mistakes – a fully automate answering system does not make errors once it is properly set up.
  • People can be in bad moods – Anyone can have a rotten day and not all people are capable of concealing this, and it comes off in the way they treat others. Your patients may feel like they are unimportant if they are talked down to, or they might believe the staff has been rude.
  • Your staff may forget – when someone is busy he or she may put the caller on hold and then forget. This has happened to just about everyone at some time. Your automated system works the same each and every time.
  • Your employees may become ill and not show up for work – automated medical answering services show up every day. They perform their duties flawlessly 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Your answering system never asks for a raise and has no need to take a vacation or lunch break.


As a general rule, it costs more to use people for medical answering services. They expect to be paid a descent wage and receive benefits. In fact, if you check into the prices of human operated answering services, you may get a shock. Even some automated services can be very expensive. This is why so many medical professionals are turning to a flat rate automated service like No More Phone Tag.

Why No More Phone Tag?

No More Phone Tag services do not require a great deal of high tech and expensive equipment. All you need is your current phones or phone system. Our automated service has the ability to screen calls and contact physicians in several ways. To check out No More Phone Tag, visit Nomorephonetag.com today for info on a free 14 day trial.

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