Why An HIPPA Compliant Answering Service Is Important

19 May, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

One of the most important issues at No More Phone Tag is to ensure that the medical offices, clinics, urgent care centers and related healthcare services we work with know that we are fully 100% HIPPA compliant.

Not all answering services out there are actually HIPPA compliant, and this can be particularly problematic with live operator call centers. These facilities utilize hundreds of staff members, many who may only work on a part-time basis, to take the most important emergency calls imaginable.

For a medical office, clinic or health care provider, not having an HIPPA compliant answering service is not just a possible problem with getting accurate information, it can be a violation of regulations. To learn more about why No More Phone Tag takes HIPPA compliance so seriously, consider these important issues.

It is the Law

While doctors and their staff understand that HIPPA compliance is the law for their staff, pharmacies and other related medical services, they may not be clear on the fact that these laws apply to any outside agency hired by the medical office that will have access to patient information.

The simple fact is the HIPPA HITECH or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and the Health Information Technology for Economics and Clinical Health Act applies to both the medical facility as well as any designated business associates.

A business associate is any other business agency or service that will have access to patient information. As an answering service provider that means us, but it also means other answering centers as well.

Since our system doesn’t rely on live operators, there is no chance that anyone would have access to patient information. However, with live operators, there is a very real chance that the live operator may not be up on the latest in HIPPA compliance or may simply fail to follow the correct procedure. Failing to follow HIPPA compliance can result in fines, sanctions and the very real possibility of civil actions.

Messaging and Information Exchange

With our service, only those with access to the system can retrieve any messages left on our automatic system. Additionally, our system will only call out to specified numbers which are designated by your staff, ensuring full security. The doctors on call will listen to the patient’s recorded message, with no third-party interpretation or summary.

Additionally, only those with access to our system through secure logins will be able to access the system. All emails and other forms of communication are likewise secure and protected, providing full HIPPA compliance now as well as with any changes in the future.

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