Who Wants to Play a Game of Phone Tag?

18 Jun, 2015     admin

As a child, “tag” was a fun and exciting game. The game started with one child as “it”. “It” would give all the other players a ten second head start and then come after them. The first person “it” touched or tagged became “it”. Now the new “it” had to tag someone else, and the game could go on for some time. Tag is fun for kids, but not so fun for adults struggling with medical telephone answering services. This type of tag is known as phone tag. Let’s take a closer look at the game and how it can be avoided.

How to Play Phone Tag
To play this annoying little game, the patient is “it” and starts by placing a call. For example, it’s 9:00 pm and he calls your office about medication. But he can’t get in and has to talk to a machine. Tag, you’re “it”.

After the patient calls, he goes to the drug store to pick up some cough syrup. During this time, someone from your service calls the house and leaves a message. You just tagged the patient again and the patient is “it”.

Now your patient calls back the office and guess what? He gets the machine again. So, he leaves a message and patiently waits for a reply. You just got tagged again. Ten minutes later, the lights go out and the patient goes downstairs to check the breaker panel. While he is downstairs, your service calls again, about the medication. Guess what? The patient is now “it”. This can go back and forth many times.

Cell phone tag can be even more annoying than standard phone tag. A patient calls the office on his cell and leaves a message. However, no one calls back and then he calls again and again and he is left playing tag all by himself. Anyway you play it, all forms of phone tag are no fun, and can be extremely frustrating.

Avoiding the Game
What causes phone tag in health care facilities? The main cause of phone tag is outdated or inefficient medical telephone answering services. So, to avoid this game you should consider a service like No More Phone Tag. With No More Phone Tag you have the benefits of a high tech automated answering system with the ability to route urgent calls to the right professionals. Plus, the service comes with affordable flat rates, a 14 day free trial, and many innovative and convenient features.

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