When You Should Switch Your Medical Answering Service Provider?

13 Sep, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

It can be rightly said that medical office answering services are the first impression of any practice. Hence, it should be expedient, effective, and friendly. Since you hire them to create a positive impression for your practice, it is imperative to ensure that they work as you envisaged. There are certain alarming signs that you must check out in your current practice and switch to another service provider if these signs are evidently present and hamper your reputation.

Non-Compliance with HIPAA Practices:

It is the primary criteria for selection of a medical office answering services provider. The service should be 100% compliant with HIPAA practices related to patient data security. Verify the services offered by the company at regular intervals and check whether they use encrypted text messaging apps to deliver the vital data.

It Puts Patient Calls Excessively On Hold:

It is needless to say that patients never prefer to be put on hold for an endless time, especially during an emergency. However, if you persistently receive complaints regarding long waiting times, it’s time to make a switch. A competent answering service will answer every call on the first ring and relay it to the concerned physician within a few seconds.

The Executives Are Not Amiable:

In the healthcare industry, there is no place for insolence. Your phone executives must be polite and experienced to attend the calls from distressed callers. If you find any of them to be rude to your patients, it is time to change the service provider. Always ensure that the company has a stringent verification and selection procedure for the call-handlers. These agents must understand how to treat the patients and give them a pleasant experience about your practice.

Flaws in Patient Data:

If your service provider is repeatedly making mistakes in compiling the patient data, it represents its second-rate performance. The patient data is vital for your practice in many ways. Hence, it should be flawless in terms of spellings and information like allergies, prescriptions, etc. A one-off instance can be acceptable but if these errors are repeated time and again, it can seriously impede the overall performance of other staff as well. Hence, ensure that the information compiled and provided by your existing service provider is accurate and precise. If not, make a switch instantly.

If any of these problems exist in your current medical office answering services , you must make a move and switch to a company that addresses all these issues with dexterity.

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