What to Look for in a Doctor Answering Service

3 Dec, 2015     nomorephonetagNew

Quality doctor office answering services are difficult to come by. Too few services are HIPAA compliant medical answering services. As a result, the medical answering services may not provide your office with the quality standards that are required.
Before you make a final decision regarding your medical answering services, you need to ensure that the service is a HIPAA compliant medical answering service – among other things. Below are a few of the additional consideration that you may want to take into account before you bind your office to an answering service.
A Training System in Place
When you have a medical answering system working for your office, you should verify with the service that there is a training system in place. With an employee training system, you can ensure that the support that your patients receive is consistent and high-quality.
Training services are also effective in protecting the interests of your business in the sense that the training can add a custom answering and support system. With a custom answer and support system, you patients can have their issues taken care of in a manner that your office approves of.
Tier Support
Another mechanism that you need to look for when choosing a medical answering service is tier support. With tier support, you can ensure that the most serious complaints are addressed by professionals who know exactly what they are doing and if there are further concerns, then the professional will know how to transfer the call to a professional who can handle the issue as effectively and efficiently as possible.
Tier support is also effective in providing your patients with the sense that their concerns and considerations are being fully addressed and taken care of by upper level professionals who will address their needs.
No Complaints
Finally, you can also verify the quality of the service by checking if there have been any complaints levied against the service. If there have been any complaints issued, then you should discuss your concerns with the owners of the service and see what the reasoning is.
At No More Phone Tag, our medical answer service is one of the most effective systems on the market. Our professionals have never received complaints, our tier support is excellent, and we are fully HIPAA complaint so that our clients can peace of mind when their phone calls are being answered.

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