What to Look for in 3rd Party Answering Service Vendor

12 Jan, 2017     nomorephonetagNew
Answering Service Vendor

Third party vendors are an ideal resource for new and small businesses but the most important factor is to find the right one that offers quality service at an affordable cost with excellent customer support. When it comes to medical answering services there are a ton of options to choose from but if you don’t carefully research the packages, fees and fine print then you may end up locked in a useless contract and paying way too much.

When trying to decide which vendor is the right match for your business and it’s volume the best place to start is the Internet. This ensures that you get the widest number of options to choose from and can compare websites and information without having to have multiple conversations to get the necessary data.

Don’t just take the information at face value as some sites will look great on the surface but when you get into the details you find that there are additional charges and fees that put this outside your budget. Make sure that you have an idea about how many calls a week and month you expect to receive since the majority of vendors use this as the foundation for their price.

If you can find a reliable company that doesn’t require a contract and allows flexibility in volume that may be the best option but only if they use a flat rate fee structure so that you know exactly what is due when the bill comes in and no guessing is necessary. Reviews can be tricky because they can be posted by anyone so use these as a guide but not necessarily the final decision factor.

You should check for packaged services, price structure, whether a contract is needed or not and of course, medical answering service reviews. Whichever medical answering service you decide to go with will represent your company when they answer the phone so this is a critical decision from a marketing and operational perspective. Some vendors offer free trial periods which is an ideal way to test them out before making any commitments for the future.

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