What is Your Doctors’ Telephone Answering Service Offering?

14 Jul, 2015     admin

There are a lot of different doctors’ offices in the United States. According to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation in 2015 there are 897,420 professionally active physicians in the country, with 428,478 working as primary care physicians and just slightly more at 468, 942 providing services as specialists.

Each of these doctors work with patients in some capacity from offering daily walk in clinical services to specialized treatment for everything from cosmetic surgery to neurology. These doctors all have some type of after-hours doctors’ telephone answering service to help them to stay in contact with their patients 24/7.

Many well-established doctors may still be using the traditional in-person, live operator answering services. However, there are some very real drawbacks to these services that are well worth considering. Using a No More Phone Tag automated service will mitigate these drawbacks, providing an effective way for your patients to communicate with you regarding both non-emergency and emergency messages at any time.

When comparing our automated systems with live operator systems we encourage you to consider the following points, all which will have an impact on the number of after hour messages you will receive.

Accuracy of Information

The live doctors’ telephone answering service are typically not manned by anyone trained in medical procedures. These people, many who are very competent at their jobs, are not qualified, experienced, or trained to determine an emergency from a non-emergency.

Using these services often leads to an increase in non-emergency calls being put through to on-call doctors, which we know is an ongoing source of frustration in many practices.

Missed Calls

Often the caller is expecting to leave a message as they know they are calling after hours. When they are put on the phone with a live person, they often simply hang up as they know it is a call center and not their medical professional or his or her office.

Most people are more comfortable leaving a brief message on an answering machine instead of having to leave a message with someone they don’t know.

Wrong Doctor

With our automated doctors’ telephone answering service, the wrong doctor will never get a call in the middle of the night. Our system can be fully customized to accurately record all on call rotations, meaning no strange calls on your night off.

With the doctors’ telephone answering service offered by No More Phone Tag, both your patients and doctors will be happy. Since we don’t require a contract, we are well worth a try.

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