What Do You Really Need In Medical Telephone Answering Services?

1 Feb, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

At No More Phone Tag, we get calls every day from doctors currently using live operator medical call centers to handle their after business hours phone messages. These doctors are typically frustrated with the errors and issues with these systems, and they are also upset with the costs.
This frustration and the cost issues with traditional types of medical telephone answering services are a thing of the past with our virtual answering service. Let’s take a quick look at what most doctors need with their service and you will see how our system provides options to give you just the features required.
Immediate Answering
With the No More Phone Tag virtual system, all calls are answered on the first ring. This is very different than calling into a live operator call system where calls may be answered only after several rings, and even then the patient may be put on hold for an extended period of time.
With our system, the patient will immediately select the emergency or non-emergency message service required, or choose from a menu to find the information they need. If they just need to know the location or the office hours, they will have that information within seconds.
In most communities today, there will be some patients that will be more comfortable in hearing information in a language other than English. With our virtual answering service patients can self-select for English or any other language you wish to include for messages.
This is often not a possibility with the live operator medical telephone answering services. If offered, it may result in a patient being put on hold until a specific operator is available to take the call. This can lead to disconnections and dropped calls, which reflects on the professionalism of the medical practice itself.
Accurate Information
With virtual medical telephone answering services the doctor or the reception staff hears the patient’s message in his or her own voice. This ensures that the emergency or the non-emergency message is always accurate.
With the service, the message can be replayed as needed for clarity, and the patient can be contacted back through the system using the clinic or office phone number. This is particularly important to both maintain privacy for doctor’s returning calls from their own homes and cell phones, but also in ensuring the patient will answer as the caller ID will be from a known number.


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