Updating Your Office: Adding Automated Physicians Answering Services For Patient Support

22 Apr, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

Technology is a wonderful thing and can be used in all aspects of a medical office from the reception area to the back office and from patient care to record keeping. One technology that is often slow to change in medical practices is the use of automated physicians answering services over the old school live operator call in centers.

Unfortunately, many doctors continue to use the live operator services because they believe they are the most effective at accurately capturing patient information, in making an assessment of the situation, and in responding to the call in the correct way. Just a quick review of on-call doctors will soon reveal a lot of mistakes, many calls put through as emergencies that were unnecessary, and even errors in calling doctors not acting as the on-call physician.

It is essential to stress to all doctors that the automated systems used at No More Phone Tag are fully HIPPA compliant. With our automated systems any changes in HIPPA requirements can immediately be changed to bring the system into full compliance, something that can take weeks for a large call in center to accomplish with all staff.

Emails and Recordings

The No More Phone Tag automated physicians answering services provides doctors with an accurate record of all patient communication. Emails that include the word-for-word information in the patient’s own voice are a complete record, and the doctor can also hear the information provided through the system.

Additionally, for providing general information for patients, the automatic message can be completely customized for the specific clinic, facility or practice. You can include what you know your patients need including business hours, location information or other relevant information.

The system can even be set up to allow patients to leave information for their own doctors. This is very effective for doctors for both emergency and non-emergency calls, and with real-time data available there is never a question about the accuracy of the message or the information contained.

Automatically Responds to Unanswered Calls

Our technology allows our automated physicians answering services to contact the on-call physician within three seconds when the patient indicates an emergency call. Should the on-call doctor fail to answer the call, text or message on the provided communication options, they system can be set to all an alternate doctor and so on.

This means that with this technology, the system keeps calling doctors until the call is answered. This is done in seconds, providing the patient with a timely response at a very stressful time in their life that simply isn’t possible without the use of our technology.

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