Understanding The Benefits Of Our Automatic Answering Service For Doctors

15 Jul, 2015     admin

As specialists in the medical answering service field, we know the difficulties medical offices, clinics and practices have in dealing with after hours calls. The traditional option is often to go with a live answering service, but there is a problem with this as well.

With a live answering service for doctors, you have to deal with phone operators who have absolutely no medical training. They may be very kind, compassionate and caring people, but they cannot tell the difference from patient information as to an emergency or a medical situation that can wait until the office is open.

This can lead to a lot of unnecessary calls to the on-call physician. This, in turn, causes stress and leads to constant changing of answering services, but the pattern seems to keep repeating.

The Automated Answer
With an automated system, an answering service for doctors can be set up to your specific needs. Patients can self-select for emergency or general messages, and then leave details that will be available to the on-call physician immediately or the office staff on the next business day.

Often people assume that using this type of system will have everyone simply self-selecting for emergency communication. In fact, this rarely happens as there is no third party in the middle, so people tend to be more accurate rather than less in their reporting.

Information Provided
The vast majority of after-hours calls for most doctors and medical practices will be for non-emergency issues such as refilling prescriptions, rescheduling appointments or even asking about test results.

When the patient uses our system, he or she can leave details in the message, giving you and your staff the ability to have the information on hand when you call back. This is very different from an answering service that may not ask the right question or where the patient may not want to provide a third-party with specific information about their health or medical appointments.

By using the answering service for doctors at No More Phone Tag any emergency calls will be routed to the doctor on call first, and then down the list of doctors if the call is not answered. You can set this call structure in the system, and even change from a cell to a home phone or page as needed from any touchtone phone.

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