Trimming the Fat from Your Doctor Answering Service

24 Sep, 2015     admin

When was the last time you went over your budget? Today’s medical professionals have a great deal of operating expenses to deal with. Expenses like employee benefits, building rent, and utilities can only be cut so much, but there may be a great deal of money to save by changing your doctor answering service. In fact, the savings could be significant.

How Much Does Your Doctor Answering Service Cost You?

Many physicians don’t really know how much to budget for their medical answering services every month, because the fees vary. For example, you could be charged a standard rate and then the fees could change to hourly charges after so many calls. Suppose you have a very busy month, your doctor answering service fees could skyrocket, and you and your office manager may get a huge shock when it’s time to pay the bill.

You could be paying out hundreds of dollars each month and still not getting the kind of doctor answering service you really need. So what can you do? The solution to this problem may be as simple as four little words, “No More Phone Tag” with its flat rate monthly fees.

Why No More Tag?

No More Phone tag is a high tech, automated doctor answering service. There is no longer a need to pay staff just to answer your phones and direct calls to the right source. This can all be done for you automatically and efficiently. In fact, the system is so efficient, you may be able to have fewer staff members on hand during the day. This can more than pay for the monthly service with the money you save on employee salaries and benefits. It is like getting free doctor answering service plus additional monthly savings.

No More Phone Tag is There for Your 24/7

When you choose No More Phone Tag, your answering service is active all hours of the night and day. Suppose a patient calls at 1:30 AM on a Sunday morning, with an emergency. Your phone is answered on the first ring and the call is quickly directed to the doctor presently on call. The doctor can return the patients call and make sure the emergency is taken care of promptly.

No More Phone Tag Means No More Long Term Commitments

Our doctor answering service does not require a contract commitment and you can take advantage of our free 14 day trial. There’s no credit card needed and if you like the service, it can be yours for as low as $65 a month.

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