Three reasons why answering services can be the best solution for your medical practice

10 Aug, 2016     nomorephonetagNew
Three reasons why answering services

Efficient and 24 x 7 communication is one of the primary and mandatory requirements of a medical office or clinic.

There are times when patients in a great emergency might need to get across to a particular doctor and would not like to keep waiting, patiently or otherwise.

A medical answering service, which can operate on all hours of the day, and can transfer calls instantly, and without any delay, can efficiently keep the communication channel wide-open. There are many reasons why such an answering service can render great benefits for your medical practice. Let us look at some of the essential advantages of such services.

Reduce patient response time

One of the primary necessities of the medical field is to respond as soon as possible to a distress call. An answering service, operating 24 x 7, can help in reduce the patient response time.

The answering service can transfer the call to the doctor on-call or the specialist handling a particular case and thereby save time all around.

Minimize staffing costs

It becomes incredibly daunting to employ staff to work round the clock and to respond to emergency calls or transfer them to the doctor during the unsocial hours. When you outsource the communication channel, your staffing needs are reduced considerably.

Since the answering service will take care of staffing from their side, you need not worry about hiring or training them at your end. With no phones ringing all through the day, (since the phone calls will be redirected from the answering service) you and your patients can enjoy a peaceful environment and attend to the most basic needs of the clinic.

Also, your staff will get enough time to concentrate on other essential work, if the answering service can screen unwanted calls and non-emergency numbers and only pass on the important ones to the front desk.

Available to patients 24 x 7

A doctor or a clinic, available 24 x 7 for their needs, gives patients the confidence and a personalized touch.

Even if you have the staff to handle the morning calls, any spill over during emergencies or calls at night times and holidays will be efficiently dealt with by the answering service. This, in turn, will provide the goodwill and satisfaction of the customers.

The answering service will, thus, provide a seamless and accurate communication between doctors and their patients.

Many such Medical answering services are HIPAA compliant, and thus, protect your office at a federal level for Patient Health Information (PHI). With properly trained professionals to handle emergency calls and language experts for multilingual communication, the answering services can keep all communication channels open at your end, and provide your customer’s utmost satisfaction and earn their gratitude.

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