Those Extras In An Answering Service For A Doctor’s Office

30 Oct, 2015     admin

It is not easy being a doctor on-call, after all you have your own life, your own family, and you have responsibilities and things you want to be able to do outside of your work hours. However, unlike some jobs, being a physician, especially if you offer emergency services for your patients, is not a nine to five career.

For that reason, and because we have spent time in consulting with physicians and medical staff in designing and developing our answering service for a doctor’s office, we have built in some extra features that really can make your life a lot easier and provide you with more freedom even when you are the on-call doctor.

Pagers and Cell Phones

We have designed the No More Phone Tag service to work with all types of phone systems. It will call your home phone, your cell phone, or even your pager as you indicate. Our system can also be set up to allow automatic calls to different doctors should you not answer the emergency call notification, ensuring that the patient gets an immediate call back in the event that you are temporarily out of reach.

One of the unique features our answering service for a doctor’s office offers is the ability to call in using any touch-tone phone to change the notification location. This means you can set your home phone as the contact number for that day or night, and then, if something comes up, you can just call in and configure the system to dial your cell or pager number until further notice.

This also works if you are on a cell phone and find you are in an area with poor or limited signal. You can switch to your pager or to a landline phone, all from our secure login and access feature on the system.

Not your Personal Number

Through our answering service for a doctor’s office, we also recognize your need to keep your private information private. Through the patch service feature of the system, you can listen to the emergency message from the patient and return the call with the single push of a button from your home, cell phone or any other phone.

When the phone rings for the patient, he or she will see the clinic number and name in their caller ID. This ensures that your call will be answered, and your personal phone information will not become public, and we know those are features our clients appreciate.

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