The Patient Side Of Physician Answering Services

23 Oct, 2015     admin

In the early stages of the development of the No More Phone Tag model of physician answering services, we took the time to really get to know what doctors and medical staff found lacking in the phone systems they were currently using.

With this exercise, it was also possible to consider how the needs of the medical staff could be fully integrated into the needs of the patient calling into our physician answering services. What we found was probably not too surprising, but it included the fact that not all doctors needed the same features and functions, which is why our systems are designed to be customized to your needs.

However, what we have also found through providing specialized answering services for doctors for almost a decade is that it is not just the doctors that have to appreciate the system. The patients also have to feel comfortable in providing information to an answering machine over a person, and we have been able to do that through listening, making modifications, and creating a specialized service just for the medical profession.

Patient Personalization

One of the ways that our physician answering services allow your patients to feel comfortable in leaving a message is in the personalized greeting and messages you can have on the system. These messages will be a direct connection between your staff, or the doctor, and those calling in, and they can include all the relevant information you need to have available to patients.

Also, with the option to patch through in the case of an emergency indicated by the patient, the doctor is able to call back immediately. This gives patients a level of comfort they don’t get in relaying highly personal medical information to a call center employee and then hoping it gets to the doctor correctly.

Non-Emergency Messages

Many times patients just want a simple answer to a question, want to schedule an appointment or wonder if test results are back yet. With our service, they can call when they think about it and leave a non-emergency message.

This is then recorded on the system, and when the staff comes in the next business day, they will return the call. It also helps staff as they can have the necessary information available when they call the patient back, making it much more efficient and patient-friendly.

Our physician answering services at No More Phone Tag may be to help doctors, but they are also a big help to patients. Our current clients and medical facilities administrators are always surprised at how positive patient feedback is once they make the switch to our system.

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