The Benefits of Answering Services for Property Management Companies

20 Mar, 2017     nomorephonetagNew
Benefits of Answering Services

Property management companies have to handle daily real estate issues for absentee property owners and landlords. Usually, property managers charge a certain percentage of the rents collected and thus it is important for them to keep rents paid up, occupancy high, and tenants happy. All this must be done in a cost-effective way if they want to maintain their business. This is the reason why they hire answering services so that their important phone calls are answered effectively.

Answering services prove beneficial for property managers in more ways than one, some of which have been discussed below.

1. No calls unanswered

While at office property managers can answer all calls. But what when they go out to show a vacancy, to investigate problems, or to meet a vendor? In such situations, some managers depend on their voice mail services and some believe the callers will call back again. But those who are really wise seek the help of the answering services to handle such calls.

Furthermore, property managers have fixed working hours, but prospects and tenants can need help outside such working hours and even in such situations answering services can come to rescue. They will answer calls for you 24 X 7, and thus will work for you even when you are not.

2. New leads captured

When someone calls you to learn about rates or availability they need an immediate reply. If you fail to answer their call or entrust your answering machine message to do the task, they will be disappointed and seek services of someone else. To avoid any such thing from happening you must appoint the best property management answering service and give the right answers to your callers always.

3. Emergency situations handled

Getting tenants is challenging and equally challenging is keeping them. To make sure your tenants are always happy you must answer their calls when emergencies arise. If you let your tenant suffer with no heat, clogged toilets, or broken shower until the following day, you are losing them for sure.

However, if you appoint a good property management answering service, they will handle the problem as per your protocol, contact your emergency staff, and make sure the problem is solved.

4. Rent reminder calls

Some renters do pay rent on time, but there are a few who need regular prodding. Though your answering service may not be the complete solution for such problems, but at least they will make reminder calls for you, and even send texts and email notices to late paying renters, thus proving to be of great help.

Your answering services can do all this for you and more. Just spend enough time in finding a well-known answering service with decent charges, so that you can always enjoy the best services at the best rates.

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