The Benefits Of A Physicians Answering Service

25 Mar, 2014     admin

Although a doctor knows well in advance that his life will never be the same as a typical office worker who arrives for work at eight and leaves at five; he or she still deserves a life. Doctors are human, they need time for themselves and their family and friends; they simply cannot make themselves available to their patients around the clock. Although these things are true, a physicians answering service can be on call when the doctor can’t.

A professional answering service can be customized to suit the needs of the physician and the practice, it can provide service after hours, on the weekend and can even fill in during those times when the practice is short staffed or overly busy.

If you are faced with looking for a competent physicians answering service what is that you should be looking for? The primary consideration is to ensure that the answering service accurately recorded the details of the call and that this information was passed to the physician promptly and efficiently. The ideal service will be able to triage calls, making sure the doctor is made aware of urgent needs and providing the balance of the calls to the office the following morning for action. Although this is the most important function of a physicians answering service; there is more.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPPA, provides protection for the health information that is held by any individual or organization, it also states the rights of every patient when it comes to the information that is held on the medical history. This rule recognizes however that there instances where the medical information concerning a patient must be disclosed to a professional for the good of the patient. This is why it is important that the answering service you choose is HIPPA compliant and employs operators who are trained in and comfortable with the medical terms that are being used and basic procedures.

The medical profession is one which expects calls which range from setting an appointment to dire emergencies. The answering service must direct the calls to the correct individual which is the doctor who is on call. The service must be customizable so that the doctor who is not on call is not disturbed but, urgent calls will be attended to immediately.

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