The Benefits Of A Doctor Answering Service For A Small Practice

26 Oct, 2015     admin

For small clinics and medical offices, using a live operator answering service can be a very costly addition to the budget. However, when there isn’t a way for current and new patients to get in touch with the office, it can significantly impact patient services. Many small practices have simply added this into the budget, but there are other options to consider, and the one we offer is extremely economical.

One simple way that we offer to help small to mid-sized medical clinics, offices, and facilities is to add our virtual doctor answering service to your phone system. At No More Phone Tag we offer a comprehensive, low cost, monthly flat rate service that allows your patients to leave messages for you after hours, when the staff is out for lunch, or on any type of a schedule.

Current Patients

With our system, you can fully customize the message your patients will hear. It also allows patients to indicate if this is an emergency message or if it is a non-emergency call. If the patient does select the emergency they can leave a message and the system will automatically notify the doctor on call within 3 seconds.

If, by chance, that doctor is not available, it is also possible to have one or more alternative doctors listed through the doctor answering service. When the first doctor is not available the system will automatically make contact with the next doctor on the list, ensuring that the patient receives a call back from a medical professional of your designation in a timely fashion.

New Patient Contact

Another important feature with our doctor answering service option is the ability to allow new patients, or those unfamiliar with your clinic or practice, to leave their name, number and any questions they may have. This is also a simple way for a new or an existing client to notify your office of an appointment cancelation or even to request an appointment for a future date.

For new patients, who are so necessary to a small practice, the combination of the personalized message and the privacy offered in leaving a message is a great combination. Most of our doctors have found out they actually increase the messages left by new patients when using our system over the much more costly options offered with the call centers with live operators.

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