The Advantages Of A Flat Fee Answering Service

20 May, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

No matter what type of medical, dental or health related office or clinic you operate, or even if you are property manager or owner, having an answering service that is reliable, dependable, accurate and low-cost is going to be an important aspect of serving your patients and tenants.

At No More Phone Tag, we have always understood the importance of having an effective and dependable phone answering service. We recognized the limitations of live operator answering services and voicemail, and we have developed a system that can be fully customized to exceed the services offered by these two traditional options.

As one of the benefits of using our automated service, we are able to offer a flat fee. This means you never have to worry about the number of incoming or outgoing calls from the system, and you can set your company budget with confidence, at least as it pertains to your phone answering service.

Automated Efficiency

With the use of our automated systems, which will provide your customers, patients and clients with just the information you need, every single call will be answered on the first ring.

This is a very positive experience for those calling in as a live operator or voicemail systems may have customers or patients hanging on for several rings. With our system that is set up to accept multiple incoming calls without a busy signal or more than one ring, every phone call is treated with top priority.

No More Budgeting Blues

With an automated system, a flat rate is very easy to maintain as there are no live operators or specific training requirements to put in place. Each medical office, dental office or property management service can count on a simple flat rate per month, and this will be true regardless of the number of calls.

While some live operator systems may quote low prices, if you exceed a specific number of incoming calls you will be charged a different rate. As your office or business has no control over how many incoming calls are received after hours, this can create real budgeting issues.

For medical offices, using a flat rate service that is 100% HIPPA compliant also helps to prevent any issues with the incorrect handling of patient information. The system is designed to be secure and meet all HIPPA requirements, and any new changes in the HIPPA laws can be easily and immediately integrated into the system, ensuring you are always in compliance.

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