Technology and the Answering Service

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Any doctor’s office or apartment manager can tell you just how valuable an answering service can be. Many people don’t realize just how prevalent the use of an answering service is in certain industries. Any professional that might require some kind of emergency contact information can benefit from using an outsourced service. This allows people to contact them far outside of business hours. It also gives them the power to prioritize their phone calls. This process used to be much simpler. New technology has introduced a variety of different ways that people can now contact their doctors, apartment managers, HVAC professionals, and any other important service. Most of us don’t hesitate to grab our phone and text someone when it’s possible. This streamlined the service and takes the guesswork out of phone calls. Sending a message lets you know that you’ve already got your point across. The same can be said for emails and even some answering machines. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always equate to personal acknowledgment.

The one profession that benefits primarily from the answering service is the medical field. We trust our physicians and medical professionals inherently. We also expect them to be available when we have issues relating to our health. Emergencies don’t wait for business hours, and many doctors realize this. This is why they hire reliable answering services to put their phone calls through as quickly as possible. They also understand that changing technology brings changing communication techniques. Many doctors have started to rely on SMS and email scheduling services. There are many answering services that can also specialize in these fields.

When a doctor chooses an answering service, they do so based on ones that will work best with their methods of communication. This gives their patients the best possible chance of reaching their doctor in the event of an emergency or serious medical question. This has made medical answering services one of the most popular types of answering services out there. Not only do these people need to be well-versed in privacy practices, they also need to know how to filter communications. When searching for the right answering service, consider some of these technologically advanced communication needs:


The use of the telephone is still the most popular way to contact the physician’s office—especially in the case of an emergency. It allows people to automatically reach out and speak to someone during a very stressful event. Unfortunately, a physician’s office may not have anyone available when the office isn’t open. The use of an answering service puts somebody at the other end of that line at all times. This allows patients to reach their doctors even in the middle of the night when they’re dealing with a real emergency.


SMS services are usually used for things like scheduling and prescription refills. There are some answering services that are available to take care of text messages, and to pass the relevant information on to the medical professionals. This allows someone to weed out the unimportant information, and to pass urgent needs on as quickly as possible.


Many offices have turned to the use of email in order to better schedule appointments and procedures. They will have a place on their webpage, or an email address readily displayed for patients. Many answering services are capable of going through these emails and performing the scheduling duties. This keeps things properly organized and prevents fusion that can sometimes happen when doctor’s offices get too busy. It also helps to weed out the solicitations, and emails that might not be relevant to the practice.

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