Should Pricing Affect Your Decision While Selecting A Medical answering Service?

29 Sep, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

A responsible and reliable answering service is the lifeline for any medical office. It helps to regulate the process of patient handling with efficiency. The service has eased out the way medical offices used to respond to the patients during the odd after-hours. It has streamlined the entire process with automated systems and virtual receptionists. Moreover, answering service has emerged as a diligent approach towards comprehensive patient care.

However, the pricing format has been a topic of discussion for the doctors and medical offices. Companies have different methods of pricing these services, viz. flat-rate pricing, usage-based pricing, etc. Finding the best out of these medical answering service pricing options may be intimidating for the medical offices if they fail to address certain issues like:

The Effects of Usage-Based Pricing:

The usage-based pricing implies that your service will be charged on the basis of calls that you receive in a month. It sounds rational but what happens is that the prices may escalate heavily without any estimation under this system. Your budget may inflate and you may not be actually able to anticipate it as well.

The Effects of Flat-Rate Pricing:

The flat-rate pricing is often overlooked by the companies in the context of the lack of services that may follow. On the contrary, it can be an infallible pricing methodology for your practice, if the service provider is HIPAA-Compliant, competitive, and is not charging any hidden costs. It ensures a uniform billing every month and you can set aside a predetermined budget without fearing unprecedented increments in it. You will know what you are spending every month. Every call will be diligently handled, whether it is an emergency or not.

How to Choose the Right Service?

Whenever you are confused between the medical answering service pricing, the best method is evaluating the cost in the context of value, efficiency, and precision. You must get the complete value for your money in the form of services like call escalation, bilingual answering, voice mail recording, etc. Secondly, the company must have a team of efficient and well-trained medical practitioners to handle and understand the messages in these calls. Furthermore, the service should prevent any erroneous representation of messages from the patients to the doctors and vice versa. It should provide instantaneous response to the patients during the time of medical emergency and always be amiable to them.

It can be thus concluded that medical answering service pricing should certainly affect your decision while making a selection.

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