Reduce The Cost Of A Medical Call Center By Switching To A Virtual System

3 Feb, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

Running a medical office, clinic, facility or treatment service is not an easy task. There are multiple expenses that have to be covered, not the least which may be wildly fluctuating bills from a traditional type of medical call center.
There are several reasons why these services can be so costly. The biggest cost factor that is being passed on to the medical offices is the capital cost. Phone systems, computers, desks, facilities, lighting, heating and staff costs are all issues that the call center has to cover.
Then, to add to all that, there are supervisors, marketing staff salaries, training, recruiting and other expenses that the medical call center will pass along to their clients.
The No More Phone Tag Advantage
With our virtual medical answering service, there is no overhead that ends up being passed on to our clients. This allows us to charge a flat monthly rate per the complete package of services we offer.
With a flat rate, there is much less difficulty in budgeting and ensuring you stay within the guidelines of the operating costs for your facility. We also provide a range of different features that a live call center can’t, which is why nine out of ten doctors that try our system for a free fourteen-day trial stay with us for years to come.
Multiple Contact Options
With our virtual system, in addition to lowering the cost of the service, we can also provide more options for contacting physicians for emergency calls. Our service can include text messages, all which are 100% HIPPA compliant, as well as calls to cells phones or home phones.
Additionally, in the event that an on-call physician doesn’t answer an emergency call notification from our system, it will automatically go to the next doctor you have established on the rotation. The system will continue to go through the list, in the order you provided, until the call is responded to by one of the listed doctors.
This prevents any mistakes in which doctor to call, or in missing a call because the operator is busy handling another emergency.
With our virtual medical call center, there simply aren’t these types of mistakes, which in itself is a promise that a live call center is not going to be able or willing to make, even with their much higher cost for the service.


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