Questions To Ask Medical Call Centers Before Contracting For Service

29 Jan, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

The concept of using highly effective and 100% HIPPA compliant virtual medical answering systems is one that has been central at No More Phone Tag since we first started.
Our services are superior to those offered by traditional types of medical call centers and of the healthcare professionals that switch to our service, 96.9% stay on the service. The only reasons doctors stop using our system is when they retire, which is something that speaks volumes as to the effectiveness of the technology.
However, sometimes we still have doctors that want to compare our virtual systems to the services and features offered at those traditional medical call centers. If you are doing this comparison, here are some very important questions to make sure you have answered.
Retention Rate for Current Healthcare Offices
Understanding the retention rate of current healthcare offices using any call service is information that you need to have to make an accurate comparison. Some of the best live call centers will have fairly high retention rates, but with increasing costs of these services more and more doctors, mental health professionals, therapists and other healthcare providers are moving from these expensive options to the low-cost flat rate we charge.
Be very concerned when talking to medical call centers if they are vague or seem to dodge the question of retention rates for current clients. Ask for references of at least two or three medical professionals that have similar offices and make a few calls to find out what the experience is really like.
Average Number of Calls Handled
Knowing how many calls are answered on average per hour and also how many live operators are on staff, are other pieces of information that are important. Yet another interesting bit of information to request is the average number of rings before an operator picks up the call, and how long, on average, a patient is put on hold.
Initial and Ongoing Professional Training Requirements
There are only a very small number of medical call centers providing ongoing training to their live operators. Often supervisors are trained in HIPPA compliance, and then they are to provide training to their staff.
Depending on how large the call center is, and how committed they are to professional service for their clients, this training may or may not be a priority for the service.
With the No More Phone Tag virtual services, HIPPA compliance changes can be quickly incorporated into the system. There is no need to train individuals across the organization, which means 100% compliance is easy to achieve.


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