We know that doctors go out of their way to handle phone calls within their practice and when they are on-call. We provide physician answering services for after hours, on lunch, during weekends, and any other hectic scheduling time. Our professionals can reduce inconsistencies and relay accurate information in a timely manner.

Great Benefits for Physicians

Through our answering service, when you receive an on-call message it will truly be for urgent reasons. We relay urgent messages word for word and they can be dispatched to a cell or home phone, via text message, or through email. If we do not receive a response for an emergency call we will begin contacting multiple back up numbers. All non-urgent calls are bundled and delivered the next business day at a time that is convenient for the facility. We also transcribe and deliver copies of all messages via email.

Advanced Phone Answering Technology

We have many services available and will customize our service based on the needs of your facility. There is no need to forward phone calls; if you are out of the office we will automatically pick up. We also have enhanced messaging for call overflow. Physicians have the choice to have receptionists transfer the calls directly to their cell phones or to return calls without having to worry about blocked caller ID. We also include voice mail transcription, web controls, remote call forwarding, and disaster recovery systems.

Flat Rate Physicians Answering Service

Unlike competitors, we offer a low monthly flat rate of $65. We don’t have any hidden fees and our rate remains the same regardless of the number of calls you receive. With our flat rate plan medical facilities now have a monthly expense they can count on, rather than one that wildly fluctuates with call volume.

Improve Your Facility with Physician Answering Services

We give medical facilities the opportunity to focus on patients while we handle all non-urgent and urgent messages. We ensure that all calls are handled in a professional manner and the urgent calls are relayed within 3 seconds. Contact us today at (866) 366-6868 to create an answering service solution for your facility.