Patient Preferences For A Medical Answering Service

2 Feb, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

When doctors are choosing a medical answering service for their office, clinic or practice, they often focus on what they are looking for in a service. However, if you stop and think about it, it is really essential to ensure the service selected works first for the patients calling in, and then also is highly effective and efficient for the medical staff.
At No More Phone Tag, we have developed a patient and doctor-friendly virtual answering system. With years of experience in developing tools and technology to create accurate, 100% HIPPA compliant answering phone services exclusively for the medical field, we know what your patients want and we also know what your doctors need.
We also design our systems to work with your facility. We can customize the system for your patients and doctors to include the information most requested, and even options in selecting different languages to make information more accessible for all your patients.
In general, we find that patients want to use a medical answering service that is effective, efficient and allows them to easily access the information they need.
Get the Necessary Information Fast
When patients are calling into an office after hours, they are prepared to get an answering service of some type. What patients don’t want to have to deal with is having the phone ring multiple times before being answered, or being put on hold just to leave a quick non-emergency message.
Emergency or Non-Emergency Messages
Patients also appreciate having the ability to escalate a call to an emergency level. They also like the idea they can leave a message, and they aren’t going to trigger a call back from the physician on call.
With the option to self-select from escalating the call to an emergency or leaving a message, patients are much more effective at self-selecting the right option than a live operator. This, in turn, eliminates unnecessary issues for the on-call physician, which is a big plus for everyone involved.
Finally, with our virtual medical answering service, patients like the idea of leaving a message, in their own words, for their doctor. The patient trusts that when the doctor hears the message in his or her own words, the information is accurately relayed. This is not always the case with a live operator system, and by providing this opportunity patients are more comfortable in leaving detailed information that may be difficult to discuss with a complete stranger at a call center.


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