Overage Pricing vs. Flat Rate Pricing in Answering Services

30 Sep, 2016     nomorephonetagNew

The unexpected and hidden costs charged by the service vendors is a much talked about issue in the answering service industry. It has restrained many physicians from hiring these services despite their multiple benefits. These fees and charges termed as miscellaneous or administrative costs are always unforeseen and unwarranted. But you can avoid them simply by hiring flat answering service. A flat rate answering service has a fixed rate charged for its services of an entire month. This fee is devoid of any hidden costs or overages.

How Overage Charges Work?

Overage charges are usually applicable in the form of an increasing rate of call per minute. It increases the standard call rates charged on a per-minute basis. As a result, the final billing will be highly inflated even if you choose a lower priced plan. This becomes a reason for constantly worrying about your monthly expenses. You can never estimate the costs to be incurred under this account head. The service providers predetermine an overage limit and call charges substantially increase when the calls exceed this limit. So, it becomes a worrisome factor for your business.

How Flat Rate Pricing Works?

It is squarely a flat or fixed rate plan that does not involve any hidden costs or overages. It starts with initial charges paid for the installation of an answering system in your office. Once done that, you will be charged a fixed fee from the next month onwards. This fee will be chargeable at a flat rate irrespective of the number of calls received in a month. However, you need to be cautious and check the service quality before hiring any service provider. The services should be commensurate with your requirements. Additionally, they should be comprehensive and customizable to suit your varied requirements.

Which One Is Better?

If you are looking for an answering service that is affordable and cost-effective, then flat rate pricing seems a more viable solution. This is because it allows you to set aside a fixed monthly budget without worrying about the overages or a high number of call minutes. It has no inbuilt variable cost to exceed your expenditure.

Furthermore, it reduces the worries about providing professional answering services to your patients consistently.

On the other hand, overage-based pricing begins with a lower per-minute plan and this rate is significantly increased for the additional calls. Hence, you must ensure hiring a flat answering service company that offers overage protection along with the specialized and highly professional services.

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