Opting for an HIPAA-Compliant Answering Service for Doctors

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When choosing a physician, patients have many options but you are the one which must ensure patient retention. Typically, this depends on satisfaction from the patient, which is why medical practices today focus on enhancing the interaction experience of patient and doctor, and the ability to spend more time with the patient. An answering service for doctors is a way of keeping your patients satisfied by including this personal touch to their communication. Employing a professional answering service to respond to your patients’ needs 24/7 is an excellent idea, but you must ensure that service is HIPAA-compliant with capability of safeguarding patient’s data.

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, legislated for protecting privacy of health information of an individual. Violation of HIPAA occur when an employee stores patients data in an unsecured device, when stored in unencrypted form, when an error happens in data entry and storage, or lapse in notification of a data breach. There may be heavy penalties along with jail time for HIPAA violations, whether from negligence or carelessness. Be sure this company had training with HIPAA and receive ongoing training. This explains why an answering service for doctors you employ must be HIPAA-compliant.

Focus on Patients

When employing an answering service for a doctors that is HIPAA-compliant, you have peace of mind knowing sensitive information about your patients is being managed by a qualified company which have HIPAA-compliance knowledge. This allows focus from medical staff to remain on important tasks while also spending more time with the patients. Because more attention patients are able to receive, their care is enhanced, and they are more satisfied with their doctors, leading to a higher patient retention level.

A Patients Trust in Their Doctor

There are many answering service companies available for doctors, but making sure they have the HIPPA-compliance knowledge and experience is most important. Getting phone messages to you in a timely manner or calls being triaged correctly will not matter if a patient’s personal information is not protected properly. Not only is it a law to keep their information safe, patients depend on you to make the right choices to protect it and keep it out of the wrong hands.

Employing the right answering service for doctors will not only protect your patient’s information, they will also make sure all patients emergencies are put through immediately to the doctor on call. Your patients’ needs always come first to a great answering service.

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