Medical Call Center Services
– Excellent Customer Care When You Need It the Most

Our medical call center provides answering services for your practice in a completely professional manner. We know that it is not possible for your staff to be available 24/7, so we provide services after hours, during lunch, on weekends, or any other time you deem necessary.

Accurate Telephone Answering Service

Our call center professionals are familiar with medical services. We ensure detailed and accurate information is presented to physician. We have an extremely high annual renewal rate and over 90% of the medical facilities that take advantage of our free trial continue our provided services.

Lower Costs with Our Flat Rate

Our medical telephone answering services are available at a low cost monthly flat rate of $65. Regardless if you have one call or one thousand calls, the flat rate will never change.
There are no hidden fees and our budget friendly option is easily factored in your monthly operating expenses.

Why Choose No More Phone Tag?

Aside from our flat rate cost, there are many benefits to having medical telephone answering services. We allow physicians who are on call to hear emergency messages within 3 seconds, word for word. We have the capability to dispatch messages to cell phones, pagers, via text message, or to email. In the event that we do not receive a response from the on-call physician we will begin dispatching information to back up numbers. We also can transfer the physician directly to their patient. Patients have the opportunity to leave non-urgent messages that will be addressed during the next business day.

Fully Customizable Services

We tailor our call center services to meet the needs of your medical facility. Our systems have the ability to cater to several physicians within the same office and provide personalized on call procedures for each of them. We will also hold non-urgent messages and deliver them at a specific time that you have designated. With our services you can be confident that the only calls you will receive on-call are truly urgent and you will no longer have to stress over potentially missing urgent calls.
Contact us today at (866) 366-6868 for more information about our medical telephone answering services.