Medical Answering Services: How Much Should A Medical Answering Service Cost?

21 May, 2016     nomorephonetagNew


Get an HIPAA-compliant medical answering service for a flat-rate of $65 per month.

There is a real difference between cost and value. Often things with a high cost have limited value, while something things with a very low cost have a very low value. At No More Phone Tag, our goal has always been and will continue to be to create a medical answering service for a fair cost with a high value.

Cost vs. Value

When medical offices and health care services and facilities look at cost, they often look at a number. They often don’t consider all of the possible combinations and permutations that may need to be met to meet that quoted cost. In addition, rarely is any attention given to the value that the service offers the patients and the on-call doctors.

Our automated answering systems at No More Phone Tag are designed to be high-value systems. Your patients will be able to call in and find out information, leave non-emergency messages, or escalate the call to the on-call doctor.

Cost vs. Accuracy

With our system, every one of our customers pays a flat rate per month that will not change based on the number of incoming calls or the number of calls escalated to emergency call level.

Patients calling into your clinic or office will leave the message in their own voice on a recording your staff or on call physician can listen to. This prevents any inaccurate representation of the message, and also allows the on-call physician to contact the patient through our system.

Additionally, the on-call physician’s call will show on the patient’s caller ID as the clinic or office number. This allows the patient to clearly see the incoming call is from their doctor. It also protects your physicians from inadvertently sharing their private cell phone or residential numbers with patients.

Cost vs. Efficiency

Every patient that calls into our service will have their call answered on the first ring. He or she can listen to what they need, leave a non-emergency message, or escalate the call to the emergency level, which will be sent to the on-call doctor in just seconds.

To add to the efficiency of the system, it is also possible to have options for patients to leave messages for a specific doctor in a shared practice or clinic, or to even have multiple doctors on the on-call roster.

With this in place, should the designated primary on-call doctor fail to respond, our system will automatically go down the roster, providing the patient with a response as quickly as possible. This is all done at one low flat rate, which makes choosing our system a hands-down choice over other options available anywhere in the United States.

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