Medical Answering service – Open letter to doctors

19 Dec, 2012     admin

Are you frustrated with your answering service? Have you have just decided that there is no really great solution out there? If so, you’re in good company. Most doctors are more or less frustrated with their answering service, but every time they try to do something about it, things only improve for a short while, so they decide it’s just something they have to live with… Here are some of the most common frustrations I hear about.

  • Call the wrong doctor / call about the wrong things / or forget to call the doctor
  • Incorrect messages and/or phone numbers
  • Long hold times for patients and doctors
  • Astronomical answering service bills

However, there is a better way… No More Phone Tag’s medical answering service is designed to handle calls for medical offices whenever they cannot answer their phones. Today, about 70 medical offices in our area have an answering service that

  • Answers EVERY call right away
  • Takes exact word-for-word messages
  • Immediately notify the on-call doctor with an exact escalation process
  • Patches the doctor’s call live back to the patient
  • Doctors and their staff can make immediate changes to on-call schedules
  • FLAT rate of only $65 per month – no limit how many calls we handle
  • Great customer service

If you’re not truly happy with your current answering service, give us a call and we’ll set you up for a free trial of the one service that you’ll never have to worry about.

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