Medical Answering Service For Your Practice

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Medical Answering Service For Your Practice

Quality Service

  • Handle calls for your practice in the most friendly and professional manner possible
  • Handle calls 24/7
  • Price that fits your budget

Accurate & Professional

  • Our medical answering services, in contrast to most others, are so accurate, professional, and patient friendly that
  • § When they get a chance to compare answering services, 9 out of 10 doctors chose No More Phone Tag
  • § Our yearly retention rate is 96.9%


  • Pricing is just one low flat rate ($65) every month, whether you have a hundred callers or a thousand.
  • This method of billing is a much better alternative for any medical office because the costs can be easily factored and fit into any monthly operating budget.
  • There’s no more worry of nasty surprises at the end of the month when the bill arrives.

Our Physician Answering Services

  • Answer every call on the first ring, and separate non-urgent calls from the truly urgent ones
  • Make sure the correct doctor is notified immediately
  • Allow the physician to call back to patients without needing to block his/her caller ID
  • 100% HIPAA compliant

How It Works

  • On-call physicians will hear emergency messages word-for-word
  • Dispatches emergency messages to a cell phone, pager, home phone, text or all the above
  • Dispatches to multiple backup numbers if no response to an emergency call
  • Automatically delivers non-urgent messages the next day, or instruct caller to call back during regular hours
  • Allow on-call physician to privately transfer live to their patient in need
  • Deliver emergency messages word-for-word by email

We make it easy for you to:

  • Provide exceptional patient care
  • Feel confident that ONLY truly urgent issues are escalated
  • Never have to worry about missing important calls
  • Save money

No More Phone Tag FACT

  • No More Phone Tag’s automated answering service does a better job at getting ONLY the true emergencies to the doctor while screening out all non-urgent issues.
  • The patients spend less time with the service
  • The doctor is notified more quickly (instantaneously), and the doctor gets first hand (in contrast to filtered) information.
  • It’s quicker and easier for the doctor to call back (no need to block caller ID).
  • Patients and medical professionals want to be able to leave a message as quickly and as easily as possible.
  • The hassles and delays while dealing with a call center employee can often be very frustrating.
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